Sacred Geometrix Presents:

Guide Into Sacred Geometry

- The Underlying Principles of an Interconnected Universe -

From the Founder of Sacred Geometrix


My name is Roy and for as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the beauty, harmony and intricate geometric forms we see presented to us throughout the natural world.

From the sharp terminations of crystals formations, to the curious shape of pinecones and seashells, to the unimaginable size and physical dynamics inherent in a spiral arm galaxy, like our Milky way - it is clear that some universal force is causing all forms of matter, whether animate or inanimate, to appear structured by a consistent geometric principle.

Through my research and studies I have come to see an underlying interconnected universe, that is: a universe communicating information through repeating geometric forms that are present across multiple scales of dimensions. These specific geometries are repeatedly found because of harmonic proportions that synergistically stabilize with universal laws at the boundary condition of density gradients. In other words, there is a structure to "space" due to the curvature of space/time that effects all matter, at all scales.

Although some of the concepts I will be presenting can be complex its my intention to help make the studying of these concepts relatively simple and enjoyable, spiritually uplifting, and most importantly, enjoyable. I hope you will join me in this journey, for I would be honored to be your guide into the wonderful world of Sacred Geometry.


Roy Busch

Table Of Contents


The Fibonacci Spiral

The Golden Ratio

Phi and you

Phi and Everything else

The Platonic Solids

Sphere Stacking / Space Tiling

Beginner Basics:

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is a set of principles that highlight the importance of specific geometric forms, certain ratios and their inherent structural integrity, and why these patterns can be repeatedly found throughout our universe. I think its important to think of sacred geometry as a way of looking at all of creation. It helps us take a broad look at what is happening in our universe, and gives us insights in the nature of being. The atoms composing our dna are intimately and inextricably linked to our phyical form, just as the shape of the planet is to the physical reality of the galaxy.

Why is it sacred?

Sacred Geometry is considered sacred because these patterns and proportions are evident throughout the natural world. Cultures throughout the world and throughout human history have studied these patterns and built temples using their measurements. The Egyptians, Greeks, and Hindus are some of the most notable cultures to have studied and constructed using these principles. The symbology has been attributed to a religious significance precisely because of its pervasive, undeniable, and irrefutable existence - it is evidence of a wisdom and set of principles outside of the intelligence of mankind.

So our Journey Begins! Right where you're at...

Where is that exactly? Spinning. Spins within Spins within Spins....

Spiraling towards a Super Massive Black (W)hole

Ah Yes, there you are!

A Pattern emerges: The Spiral

To understand Sacred Geometry : we must first understand this shape.

Luckily it doesn't take a genius to see there is a spiraling dynamic at play in our universe! Its right in front of us!

The Fibonacci Sequence

Lets look at this shape and the mathematical concept that was discovered by an Italian mathematician. The individual commonly known as Fibonacci was Leonardo of Pisa, also known as Leonardo Pisano or Leonardo Bonacci. He was an Italian mathematician who lived during the Middle Ages, born around 1170 AD

Hey there! This page is under development right now! Im so excited to share this incredible journey with you, So I'm sorry I have not had the time to quite complete it all yet. If you are seeing this, please come back in a few weeks to see more progress as I complete all of the table of contents material and ramp up for Part 2: deciphering sacred symbology. There is a whole journey I am going to take you on and I am so excited you are here with me. Thank you so much for your patience while this is completed. - Roy

Important Terminology (coming soon)



Coriolis Force


Phi: The Divine Proportion : The Golden Ratio




Torus & Dual Torus


Cube Octahedron : Vector Equilibrium