Mission Statement:

To increase the health and happiness for all effected by our business practices: from the natural ecology of the cotton farm lands, the working conditions of our American supply chain, to the very skin of our customers wearing the fabric.


Foundational Values:

Integrous Design 

The acknowledgement and adoption of the company’s quality and design standards: this  conscious integrity is applied to all stages of the creative and manufacturing process. 

Be You With Us 

One’s individuality is a prerequisite to cultural wholeness.  


To responsibly act with honesty and to dutifully exemplify trustworthiness in all interactions  and agreements with others and self; to recognize one’s own individual integrity creates  intrinsic value for the whole organization.  


The ability to be omni-adaptable.  


The potential of a cooperative social environment to produce a total effect that is greater  than the sum of the individual’s contribution.  

Radical Transparency 

To speak openly, honestly, and directly in pursuit of catalyzing a positive consensus through  calm and courageous communication.  

Keep Stoked (Stay Lit Fam) 

Through positive habits, acting on our passions, and fueling the body with natural foods, we  ignite our internal flames of motivation.  

Burn out can be prevented when one acknowledges their own inherent limitations and  responds by re-calibrating the equilibrium between the body, mind, and soul.  We maintain balance by fulfilling the primordial needs for movement, creativity, and genuine  connection.