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Our Fabrics

What is Interlock Fabric?

Interlock is an extra thick and heavy Jersey knit fabric. Due to the process of how the cotton yarns are weaved, they 'interlock' together and provide a great 2 way stretch as well as a strength and durability rarely seen with knit fabrics.

Are your garments pre-shrunk?

No. Our garments will shrink 3-5% after laundered.

Dress Fitting

I'm in between sizes, what do you recommend?

It depends on how you like to wear your clothing. Our Interlock fabric is very stretchy, and sizing down is typically what we recommend to anyone that likes a more fitted dress.

I like a looser fit, should I size up?

Yes. Because our dresses are designed to be form fitting in the chest and waist, if you prefer a looser feeling we would suggest sizing up a size or two.

Reforged Division

I have torn a hole in my Sacred Geometrix garment, can you repair it?

Yes! We will can repair a torn or partly destroyed garment for the small fee of the cost of materials used to fix it. Please email us a picture along with a description of the garment for us to give you a quote on price. <Shipping not included>

How much will it cost to reforge my garment?

It depends on the level of wear and where it has been damaged. Most repairs will cost between $5 - 20 < Does not include cost of shipping. >

Geo Women's Sizes

Whats is GW1 through GW8?

We have built our own size measurements to create a huge range of sizes. Our Geo Women's Size 1 is comparable to the industry standard of XXS. Where as the Geo Women's Size 8 is an XL.


Do you offer coupon codes for large orders?

For purchases for over $300 we can give you a coupon code for 10% off. Request a coupon here

Im interested in buying wholesale, do you have a line sheet?

To request our line sheet, or for general wholesale inquiries, please reach out to us at


Can you make me a custom fabric for a GEO Modulator?

Not at this time.

Can I pay extra for a custom Screen Print Design?

Currently we are not able to offer custom screen print designs.

Can I pay extra for a custom Ink Color?

Yes, if we can create your desired color by blending ink colors we have currently in stock. We charge an additional $15 for this service. Please Contact Us and let us know what color you would like and we can send you an invoice via Pay-pal or Venmo.

Can I pay extra to have the garment tailor fit?

We do not offer alterations to our patterns.

I accidentally chose the wrong selection, can I change it?

It's possible only if we haven't already started your order. Contact us immediately if you believe you have incorrectly made a selection.

Is it possible to customize even more than what my GEO Modulator offers?

If the nature of your inquires are not answered from the above questions - please reach out to us at


Why are Modulators Non-Refundable?

Due to the custom nature and unique personal styling preferences, we cannot accept returns from any of the GEO Modulators. Thank you for understanding.


My hasn't my order shipped yet?

All of our garments are made to order, as we receive them. We will get to your order as soon as we finish the orders before you. If there is an issue that is beyond our normal window of order fulfillment of 1-2 weeks we will notify you.

How long will it take for my order to be made?

Typical Order Fulfillment is 1-2 Weeks. Depending on the time of year, if we are taking longer than usual to complete orders we will reach out to let you know.

Still Curious?

Please feel free to contact us if your question was not answered above.