Geo Hand Warmers - Organic Cotton Fingerless Gloves - Pink w/ 'Repdigital' Print


- 100% Organic Cotton Construction
- Interlock Fabric Weight: 6.25 oz/ square yard
- Water-based Screen Print Ink
- Double Needle Coverstitch Reinforced Cuffs
- Bar Tack Reinforced Stitching for Seam Integrity
About this Style

These fingerless gloves were made to accent our other styles and offer extra warmth when the weather is colder. We have made them fingerless to increase mobility and usability of your fingers.

Fabric Content & Details

Interlock: 6.25 oz / square yard
- Medium weight material, great for everyday use, and for temperate climates. Good stretch and rebound.

Baby Rib: 6 oz / square yard
- Medium weight extra stretchy fabric used to finish hem lines, sleeve cuffs, hood lines, and collars.

All of our fabrics are 100% organic cotton

- Dyed with low impact dyes

- Fabric Patterns are hand printed with water based ink.

Please contact us to request our Organic Certification.

Care Instructions


Cold wash and hang dry for ultimate garment longevity.


Plenty of our customers just throw it in the wash like anything else. These garments still look great for years and years.

Our garments will stand the test of time regardless of your wash style.

How to Measure Yourself

These Geo Hand Warmers are a Unisex style.

Women typically get smalls or Mediums.

Men typically get Mediums or Larges.

(How to Measure Yourself Chart Coming Soon)

How Its Made

Good Vibes Only!

We are: Made in Beautiful California, USA

We are: A Small Business

We are: Well Paid American Craftsmen and Craftswomen

We are: Happily Crafting Each Garment

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