Tank Top - Bamboo and Organic Cotton Animal Print Tank Top - Blue w/ Teal 'The Pharaoh Cuttlefish'



'The Pharaoh Cuttlefish' Design and Screen Print by Sacred Geometrix

Unisex Tank Top Manufactured by Royal Apparel


- 70% Viscose Bamboo 30% Combed Ring Spun Organic Cotton Jersey
- Jersey Fabric Weight: 4.4 oz/ square yard
- 'Pharaoh Cuttlefish' Screen Print Design in Black Ink
- Low Impact Fabric Dye
- Neck & Arm Holes Binding
- Double Needle Coverstitch Reinforced Hem Line



Cuttlefishes are phenomenal creatures that are quite possibly the most visually stunning animals known to earth. They make such interesting movements and finding a specific pose that actually showcases their beauty was more difficult than I initially anticipated. I searched for nearly two hours and looked for photo references, and finally I decided to start drawing. I blocked in the initial form after finding a cool image i liked, and it wasn't long until I began turning the cephalopod into a spaceship. As I drew I was curious as to what else was in store for the drawing... I was having difficulty determining what exactly the interesting yet strange tentacles were doing... I stopped drawing. After doing some menial tasks, while walking around the house it suddenly came to me that this space ship sea creature was going to be building pyramids. I love drawing geometric structures, perspective and dimension. I hopped back to my workspace and began the construction sites under his arms digitizing Tetris construction blocks to the work sites... nice. I worked for some hours and finally was done drawing for the night. I started closing web tabs and exiting out of image files I had searched for earlier that day. As I clicked close on a random tab of a underwater gallery I looked down at one of the thumbnail images and saw a small text under it that said, "Pharaoh Cuttlefish." I was blown away - I can truly say I had not looked at any image's text at any point as I searched for images. I had no idea that variety of cuttle fish even existed! But there it was, plain as day. The title stared at me and I was temporarily awe struck from out of this world energy! My drawing was of a Pharaoh Cuttlefish building Pyramids... haha, unintentionally nailed it. Wether cosmic forces aligning or subliminal energy quantum leaping straight through my finger tips, either way, here it is. Enjoy!

About this Manufacturer

Sacred Geometrix sells only a few products that are not entirely made by us. That is because we have rigorous conscious and quality standards that must be met:

- A commitment to sustainability

- Workers paid living wages

- Product is made using organic and/or recycled content.

This is a manufacturer we work with because they meet these standards and we can be proud to print our designs onto garments made under their watch.

Fabric Content & Details

Fleece: 9 oz / square yard
- Heavier weight material, great for everyday use, and for cooler climates.

Care instructions


Cold wash and hang dry for ultimate garment longevity.


Plenty of our customers just throw it in the wash like anything else. These garments still look great for years and years.

Our garments will stand the test of time regardless of your wash style.

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