Where Were Heading…

Where We’re Heading

‘Being Conscious’ is more then a trendy new ideology and a coffee table subject.  Meta-physics and philosophy aside(for that please check out our Philosophy section), being environmentally conscious is about making the right decisions that are sustainable and have proven benefits for the overall health of an ecosystem.

Humanity is really up against itself at this point!  At over 7 billion people (and growing), the human race is quite clearly the dominate species of the planet, at the top of the food chain and conscious capacity.  So what does this mean?  Well it means that (again we are not going into the meta-physics of ‘being conscious’ here) we have a RESPONSIBILITY.  Each one of us, even just breathing and walking alone in the forest has an impact in our environment.  Many of the deepest troubles facing humanity are ones that are man-made completely out of ignorance of the alternative.  The responsibility we speak of is not an end all, “Oh just learn this and now you have fixed the problem.”  Actually its just the act of critically thinking about what our actions are doing to our environment – ON A WHOLE – that will lead us to a sustainable future.

As children we learn about the importance of the food chain, and how one species going extinct effects the whole system and can actually lead to the entire food web collapsing.  This interconnectivity is at the heart of our teaching here at Sacred Geometrix, to inspire Humanity as a whole to start just becoming more aware that the dominate species on this planet can only ‘Dominate’ for so long until we will be forced deal with the ramifications of our actions.  If we are conscious with our actions along the way those ramifications will actually reinforce the health of our environment, and thus our own species and societies in return.  It is the hope that through pursuing sustainability and honest business practices that we will inspire changes in this direction.

Becoming environmentally conscious is a necessary requirement for the Human race if we are to survive.  So how do we do it?  Its as simple as thinking about everything as a cycle.  Just as the the day turns to night, night turns to day.  Just as the seasons turn from warm to cool, they return from the cold into the heat.  We need to just open our minds to see that if what we are doing cannot complete a cycle then it is, most likely, a practice that should be discarded.

So what do we mean?  A tree grows an apple.  You find the apple, pick it, eat it.  You receive energy from the apple tree (Thank you!) and eventually you poop out the last waste products and it enters back into the earth as a specific set of nutrients and materials that can be utilized by other organisms.  Systems whose waste products don’t end up as food for another species to receive as potential energy – are bad!  Systems that create massive amounts of waste and/or toxic byproducts, that cannot enter back into the environment – are bad!

Eventually we see that Natural systems that are organic and sustainable hold the greatest value to maintaining the overall Health and Vitality of an ecosystem…

Welcome to ‘Where Were Heading – The Intentions for Sacred Geometrix as a brand, a company, a philosophy and a functional world paradigm’

    Making sustainable decisions for the future and not just momentary profit is our prime objective.  As conscious creators, our comprehension of the impact the textile industry has on our planet has become no joke, and really inspired us to make big time goals at the core of our business model.  Although the full implications of our realizations about minimizing our impact on our environment cannot happen instantaneously, here are some of our top Goals here at Geometrix to be implemented now to the best of our ability and to be held high as we wave our banner to the world.  In no particular order they are as follows:

Be Future Fashion.

    To us, this means – To be inspirational… in every way possible, hold nothing back in terms of openness for change to usher in the next generation of consciousness with awareness and love.  Future fashion is futuristic not because it is technologically sophisticated but because it is based in natural elements that are sustainable.  If we are not sustainable and organic with our designing process *there will be no future to be futuristic in.*  Therefore in the eyes of the creators at Sacred Geometrix, the Future Fashion is the exact opposite of what it sounds like.  Our fashion will become organic to the core, and no stages of the creative process will be overlooked.  Design wise everything will be multi-purpose, modular and synergetic.  And everything that we create will be able to re-enter the environment at its eventual decay without being toxic to the Earth.  Thats our Future Fashion.

Be Organic.

    If you’ve ever shared a meal with us (and we hope you will), you’d know we eat organic food.  So why shouldn’t our clothes be the same?  We are making leaps and bounds to make this a reality.  And is our ultimate Goal.  Without cutting the fabric and sewing the garments ourselves (and for large runs of prints this is very time consuming for our small company) there are currently very few suppliers of unique sustainably produced imprintables, (especially Hemp!).  We are right now in serious demand for printable clothing that is sustainably produced and at fair prices preferably produced in the United States, organic and/or Hemp.  We will eventually find exactly what we want, or (most likely) this will be when our company grows larger and is able to produce everything ourselves.  From the dyes in our fabrics to the handles our tools are built with, our end goal is to Be Organic.

Be Sustainable

    As stated above being sustainable isn’t really a choice once you have done the research.  This truly is the separation of our species moving into the future in union with Nature, or not and suffering the fatal consequences.  But there is still time, and in these moments we choose sustainability!  We use leather and hemp products before plastics everywhere possible, and if there is no current alternative to plastics, and we can’t make it ourselves, we will choose something that lasts as long as possible and can be reused as much as possible.

Donate To Charitable Causes

    Our Business is still very much young, and although healthy – and we’d like to think on the right track – we still haven’t turned a profit.  As soon as we are officially making a profit in our business, we are committed to start donating a certain percentage of every purchase to Environmental and Humanitarian efforts.  One of our suppliers of organic cotton clothing donates to a variety of charities, each purchase helps these causes.  We are currently supporting Calpirg and Greenpeace, privately.  If you have some Charitable Causes that you feel we should donate to once we start publicly donating – please Contact Us!

Be A Conscious Hub for The Unified Field Theory

    Although fashion and metaphysics & spirituality sometimes seem to be counter intuitive or unrelated at best, we are very excited about the implementation of the Unified Field Theory of Nassim Haramein into our company’s designs and overall message for Humanity.  As an emissary of the Resonance Project Foundation, Roy Busch, the owner of Sacred Geometrix, has dedicated himself to spreading awareness of the Holo-fractographic Universe Theory.  At Sacred Geometrix, ultimately we want to give back to our community in the form of art that inspires one to look deeper into the nature of reality and consciousness itself.  We embed sacred symbols and insignias throughout our designs to subconsciously awaken the viewer.  We will continuously update our page of Resources and carry into production our most recent design work to illustrate the beauty and ground breaking excitement these theories hold.

Thank you for choosing to look closer at our company’s goals to learn ‘Where Were Heading’!

Look forward to seeing this list grow over the coming years as our commitment to sustainability and organic processes expands (just like the Universe)…