The Seven Lively Virtues








      The Seven Lively Virtues is a reversal of the Seven Deadly sins.  If we truly wish to live virtuous and moral lives as individuals within a community, we have to abandon punishment for wrong doing, and embrace positive reinforcement for proper action and proper thought.  The Seven Deadly Sins is attempting to show us how to live morally, yet no matter how much one tries to stray from one of the absolute sins, they will always be falling short, and in turn punishing themselves for doing something they know is wrong.  No one is perfect, and as human beings it is simply incorrect to think we can be.  The Seven Lively Virtues embraces failures and mistakes and rewards those that try their best at living true to its teachings, not punishing those who cannot live in perfection of its execution.

      The Seven Lively Virtues is a Complete reversal of Philosophy were we can live in positive reinforcement for the virtuous actions we complete.  The Seven Lively Virtues is a simple Code of Ethics to strive to embody in all of our actions, no matter how big or how small.  We can become virtuous by positively and consciously seeking to embody them everyday.  The Seven Deadly Sins is in stark opposition because it is a constant reminder ourselves what we are not suppose to be doing!  To be conscious, aware, and moral beings it is in positive reinforcement that we will become harmonious with the life-style we wish to co-create.