Suggested Reading


This page represents our repertoire of unequivocal books that have been instrumental in helping us to understand The Holographic Fractal Universe Theory, A Conscious World View, The Importance of Environmentalism, and System Theories that rival the prevalent mainstream academics.  These books have helped shape our lives in beneficial ways enabling us to be the balanced, imaginative individuals we are today.  Open minded, yet healthily analytical, we are conscious beings committed to researching pertinent information of our time.  Inheriting the gifts of empowerment and mind expanding realizations of these intelligent thinkers in the following literature; it is our duty as conscious beings to spread this valuable awareness throughout our travels in space-time.  Happy reading my friends!


The Holographic UniverseMicheal Talbot

This laymen’s book is a great introductory book into the Holographic Principle, its implications and relevancy to our times.  Highly recommended, as it is an easy read and packed with many interesting facts that help to adjust your mind to a new paradigm in human history, one that will absolutely change how you understand the universe and your own consciousness involved in it.


Food of the Gods – Terence McKenna

This is a book about Terence McKenna’s revelatory theory and its supportive evidence that the leap in brain size from primitive man to our current brain was quite possibly caused by the psychoactive hallucinogen psilocybin, contained in magic mushrooms.  Enlightening as it is mind altering, this book is a must read for anyone interested in alternative theories to challenge main stream concepts.


Nassim Haramein – The Origin of Spin (Essay)

R. Buckminster Fuller – Synergetics – Operating Manuel for Spaceship Earth

Bruce lipton – The Biology of Belief – Spontaneous Evolution

David Bohm –

Paul Stamets – Mycelium Running , How Mushrooms can Help Save the World

Viktor Shauberger

Marko Rodin

Nikola Tesla

Walter Russel