Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry & Sacred Geometrix

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is the study of repeating patterns in nature that encourage the understanding that everything is connected.  Popular Sacred Geometry includes the Platonic Solids, Metatron’s Cube, The Flower of Life and the Golden Ratio: The Phi Spiral.   The Golden ratio naturally forms in all scales throughout the universe!  From Particle Accelerator’s colliding subatomic elements to Swirling Spiral Arm Galaxies, its clear: there are fundamental patterns occurring that are energetically connected and geometrically significant.

Why is it Sacred?

Sacred Geometry has been depicted all over the world for ages.  The “Sacred Flower of Life” symbol in particular has been discovered in many ancient temples, in separate areas of the world, built by different religious groups!  The power of Geometry is seen in all building societies throughout the civilized world, so it is no wonder why is highly revered.  Sustaining symbology withstanding the test of time should not be overlooked.  The Pyramids of Giza are built using Phi ratios, a revelation that is disputed in mainstream academia, because it is thought that the Phi ratio was not discovered until the Greek sculptor and mathematician, Phidias circa 500 B.C.  The ‘Sacred Flower of Life’ was found etched on a stone block at the Temple of Osiris, in Abydos, Egypt thousands of years before Christ.

Sacred Geometry is information that is relevant to our place in the cosmos.  It speaks to us through precise mathematics in geometrical ratios and relationships that are significant to how the universe holds together.  New age scientist and inventor, Nassim Haramein predicts that the pattern of the Flower of Life is actually a three dimensional diagram of the fundamental energetic event horizon of blackholes!  Whether we use science or mysticism to discover its secrets, the truth is obvious: Sacred Geometry is meaningful!  Bringing awareness to the consciousness interpreting its mystical and transformational attributes; theirs no doubt Sacred Geometry is an important catalyst for deepening one’s connection with universal forces.

What is Sacred Geometrix?

Sacred Geometrix is our interpretation of the power of Sacred Geometry.  We are artists, creators, lovers, and dreamers.  We have been fundamentally changed by the implications of sacred geometry.  We love nature, and because of that have decided to move in a sustainable direction for our company.  The profound interconnectivity we have found with ourselves and the environment has imbued us with gratitude and reverence for the natural beauty and symbiotic coherency that we coexist within.  We want to spread our realizations of oneness and its joy to the whole world the only way we really know how: Our Art!

An old Hopi prophecy states, “We are the ones we’re waiting for.”  So we are here!!!  To spread our light and determination to enlighten our world and fellow humans with a contagious optimism and positive constructivism.

Its our dream to create intentional wearable works of art that activate and elevate through symbology and sustainability.

Why is it Sacred?

Sacred Geometrix is more than a brand, its a lifestyle.  A life that is filled of love and gratitude.  A life that makes art not bombs.  A life of freedom of expression with purpose to establish meaningful relationships with our followers and friends.  We seek balance and sustainability above all else, and truly wish to use our power and consciousness for good.  We want to inspire inspiration – the creative juice that feeds souls the nectar they need to keep pursuing their dreams.  Our everyday is spent with open hearts and open minds – seeking communion with all of the kingdoms of Mother Nature and Father Universe.  We hope you join us in this journey through space/time…

Sacred Geometrix 2015


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