Our Philosophy


       The Philosophy that we are compiling is a complete synthesis of Fractal based mathematics, Sacred Geometry, The Unified Field Theory and the Holographic Universe Paradigm.  Referred to henceforth as the Holo-fractographic Universe Theory.  (Holo – Holographic, Fracto – Fractal)

       Please Refer to our ever expanding list of Intellectuals, Suggested Reading, and Websites to further your own expanding consciousness!  Please post relevant self discovery, moments of illumination, third eye opening experiences, and general questions these theories stir up on our Facebook page.

       In order to begin, first we have to understand what ideas are contained in these different fields of Fractals, Sacred Geometry, The Unified Field Theory, and The Holographic Paradigm.  And then why they are mutually influencial, synergetic, symbiotic and interconnected.

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