Our Commitment


*To be Natural, Organic and Sustainable*

*To bring you the best hand made products possible.*

*To always source the highest quality materials with no exceptions.*

*To inspire good business practices to every other business we encounter on our path*

*To embrace our mistakes as Our Story, making us stronger and wiser than who we were before.*

*To grow in the most positive way as we challenge ourselves to be more environmentally, socially, and ecologically responsible.*

*To implement and invest in green solutions to every step of our creative process; the tools bringing our ideas to life, the energy bringing power to our machines, and the materials bringing the substance to our creativity.*

Our Story

    The truth is we have grown a lot since we first started our company.  Its impressive to admit its only been a few years of business!  But the real joy is to know that, even though its been anything from easy, the growth has been in all the best ways imaginable.  At first we were really concerned about how things looked.  Were designers after all.  Thats whats important, right?

    The reality couldn’t have been farther from the true identity that our company, Sacred Geometrix was.  So like a Phenix from the ashes of it’s former self, we morphed into a whole new being.  Through our own natural guidance system and a dedication to feeling what was the most important factors that made up our core identity, we realized:

It’s not about Looking Cool, but Feeling Intelligent.

   Coming from a past of utilizing Neon color pallets and petroleum/plastic based materials without comprehending the impacts, we have blossomed into the company we always wanted to be:  A company whose symbology and ideology was as deep of a concept as the techniques and practices use to create them.