This is our ever-expanding list of innovative thinkers that have helped to challenge the dogmas of old, defied mainstream belief systems, and helped to carve out a whole new world paradigm.  As the phenix rises from the ashes, so to have these influential minds built entirely new models of how to perceive our universe and our consciousness, from the ashes of the information that laid before them. Whether an inventor, philosopher, engineer, mathematician, artist, or all of the above, these are the most influential thinkers of our time that any intelligent researcher should pride themselves in understanding the invaluable information they have shared with Humanity.  Put your thinking caps on and let these intellectuals help you investigate reality!


Nikola Tesla (1856- 1943) – The most unaccredited, yet unsurpassed in creative genius, that has ever lived.  Inventor of over 300 patents!  Inventor of Alternating Current electricity, X-Ray technology, The Tesla Coil, Radio transmitter and receiver technology, the electric motor, and wireless transmission of power – just to name a few!!!  Why don’t we learn about this man in all his unbelievable glory? I can only suggest extreme governmental cover up, do to his paradigm shifting, infinite wisdom, that could resolve almost every single global crises that we face today.


Walter Russell (1871-1963) – A gifted artist, sculptor, author, philosopher, and dreamer.  Walter Russell, in a month long period of what can only be described as pure illumination, transcended universal knowledge.  He later went on to accurately predict the existence of many elements unknown at that time.  He as shown us a more accurate model for the table of Elements that involves a spiral system.  He describes the Universe in 10 octaves and embeded tones therein.  The root cause of all manifest form being the imbalances in the electricity and magnetism. A natural philosopher and writer, he has bestowed mankind with a beautiful description of natural phenomena and illustrations to help the understanding of the complex universe we all inhabit.  Walter Cronkite was referred him as, “the Leonardo da Vinci of our time.”


David Bohm (1917-1992) – Is easily regarded as one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century.  He coined the term Holomovement, to describe the nature of the universe,  as he believed, to be a holographic, continuously emergent flow of energy, meaning and consciousness.  His theory of the Universe is based upon the reality he describes as, The Implicate & Explicate Orders.  The Implicate Order being the pre-manifest, unseen, invisible field to the the senses, and the Explicate Order being the manifest, experimental reality we can observe and manipulate with our senses.  He is a man of great importance to the Holographic Universe model and has done extensive research with Karl Pibram (a phycologist) providing evidence that our brain works in many ways (particularly memory) similar to a hologram.


R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) – Most notably recognized by his invention of the Geodesic Dome, R. Buckminster Fuller (or “Bucky”) was an environmental activist, systems theorist, author, designer, mathematician, engineer, philosopher, and inventor.  He was a true visionary, publishing over 30 books.  A truly brilliant mind, he has been called the Benjamin Franklin of the Space Age.  He pioneered sustainable architecture, focusing on cost effectiveness, bringing forth highly sophisticated yet extremely efficient building techniques and operation.  One of Bucky’s mottos was to “Do more with Less” and building with this in mind he created the geodesic dome.  He dedicated his life to “applying the principles of science to solving the problems of humanity.”  One of his greatest philosophical gifts to humanity was Synergetics, which can be described as the unpredictable characteristics of a whole, based on the behavior of any of its isolated components.


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