Qi (or Chi, pronounced Chee) and RAW Food:

Did you know that all food at some point is alive and contains the energetic pulse of the universe in every atom, molecule, and cell within its structure?  Food has great healing and vitalizing properties when it is eaten in its rawest form.  For the most part we (civilized humans) have become very accustomed to being separate from the hunting and gathering aspect of our food’s source and thus have become less and less aware of what goes on to the food before we even get to touch it.

It is important to understand that the only reason we are eating something is because it either is or once was – VERY ALIVE.  LIFE feeds of off LIFE!!!  We have all heard that eating raw food is good for us, but why is that?

Alive food is Qi

Qi is an ancient Chinese word for the Vital Life force that is contained within all living/energetic systems.  Qi is most notably understood as the life force that is behind all organic forms and is responsible for strength, vitality and energy.  To enhance the body, or to feel more Qi in your body – Firstly the body must consume food sources that contain the most Qi.

All alive or Raw food is the Highest form of Qi available.

Qi Foods:

Fruits, uncooked vegetables, raw meat, juice, sprouted seeds and micro greens.

Lesser Qi Foods:

Dried Fruits, Vegetables lightly cooked (under 1118 degrees), Cooked meat, pasteurized juice and dried nuts.

Least Qi Foods:

Jam or Jelly, Steamed Vegetables, Microwaved meat, Processed wheat, Low-fat Yogurt, roasted nuts, frozen products.

Qi Proteins:

Sprouted Seeds & Legumes – Grass fed Beef – Organic vegetables

Qi Fats/Oils:

Cold pressed Avocado Oil &Coconut Oil – Unpasteurized Grass Feed Butter – Organic Raw Seed Butter (Almond, Cashew & Pumpkin)

Qi Carbs:

Raw and Organic Fruits (especially Bananas) – Berries – Vegetables – Sprouted Legumes

ALL in ALL – we aren’t saying we haven’t enjoyed a s’more by a campfire or roasted some pumpkin seeds after we got back from the pumpkin patch.  But with intelligence, awareness and consciousness comes responsibility.  So lets be grateful for having a little more common sense about what really gives our bodies the Qi it needs to truly thrive and be healthy.

Eat the Rainbow – Smile and Dance – Rest and Relax

Study – Work – Play

Sacred Geometrix 2015