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To Expand Awareness and Consciousness

    At Sacred Geometrix we have taken on many roles to spread awareness, some of which we have started, some of which have been learned from other intellectuals.  The information that has chosen us to spread itself comes in the form of Philosophy.  We offer revolutionary theories (Unified Field Theory & The Holographic Universe Theory) on how our universe works and exists.  Please check out the Philosophy section of our website for more information on these exciting and mind altering Theories!

      We seek to share this information in the freest form available, right here on our website in the Resources section.  We aim to become a hub for resources for anyone that is compelled to further research these profoundly meaningful and beautiful ideas that can bring new levels of understanding and coherency into diverse schools of thought and multidisciplinary academic studies.  Please Contact Us if you have information that you think we need to know.

      We love to connect with anyone interested in learning more about The Unified Field Theory and The Holo-Fractographic Theory.  We tour throughout the Music and Art Festivals, and this is a great time to have in depth conversations with us and learn more about these fascinating ideas.  Please check out our Festivals page to see where we have gone in the past, and where we are going to be in the future!

      As artists and entrepreneurs we seek to create art that is meaningful and fun to wear.  We love having a diverse color pallet, and material database that is cutting edge, technologically advanced, and unique.  Although our mission is first and foremost about spreading awareness of The Holo-Fractographic Nature of the Universe, we are also driven to create unique works of art that serve as conversation pieces.  We are setting out to express the beauty of Sacred Geometry and the interconnectivity it teaches us through a revolutionary clothing system: L.I.N.K.S.  To find out more about this exciting new proprietary Trademarked system, stay tuned and follow us at our Facebook page.