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Holo-fractographic Universe

The Holo-fractographic Universe

What it is:

The Holofractographic (Holo- meaning Holographic and Fracto – meaning Fractal) Universe Theory is a new scientific theory that accurately describes our Universe having a space-time manifold that is intrinsically curling (imagine a whirlpool for instance) in onto itself, whereby all energetic events are connected to each other spinning towards the vacuum signularity.

Nassim Haramein,  a pioneer in this field, and has published several, peer reviewed, scientific papers using physics to describe the theory.  He has accurately modified Einstein’s Field Equations by adding in the forces of Torque and Coriolis effects.  Through these calculations a new Grand Unification Theory, a Unified Field Theory has been born.

A connection of the forces from the quantum realm all the way to the galactic clusters has been found!  The work Einstein struggled to finish, but never could solve – has been achieved!



Some Implications of the Holofractographic Theory:

There is no such thing as Dark Matter!

The equations to describe Dark matter where created by physicists using general relativistic means and discovering that a very significant amount of mass was absent from the equations to derive the mass of the galactic objects, instead of seeing that the equation was incorrect, they decided to create a new force(with no direct observance OR proof of its existence) to make up for the ‘hidden’ mass of the objects.  The Holofractographic Theory does away with dark matter/energy by including the correct equations (Torque and Coriolis) to solve the problem, thereby creating an accurate model of our universe using forces that actually exist and are present but previously not included.


Everything is A Black Hole!  Atoms are mini Black Holes too!


More information coming soon!