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About Us

– Who We Are –

     Sacred Geometrix is our offering to the Universe.  With love and gratitude we embody the Tri-force or the three disciplines of the active mind:  Study – Work – Play.  We encourage growth on all the aspects of the Human Condition; Mind – Soul – Body.  We describe ourselves as artists, builders, musicians, lovers, and conscious beings.  The Geometrix team is constantly striving for balance in what we do, how we interact with our environment and our relationships in the community.

      Building a foundation on the interconnectivity that composes the atomic lattices within us, we create original works of Sacred Geometry to illustrate the fundamental geometrical principals that are inherent in the fabric of Space and time itself.  Empowered by the universal coherency that charges the spin that allows us to exist, Geometrix has set its intentions to spread awareness in the following diverse and yet inseparable studies of: Cosmology, Unified Feild Physics, The Holographic Paradigm, Authentic Crop Circle formations, Pyramid Power, Sacred Geometry, and The Holo-fractographic Universe Theory.