About Us

– Who We Are –

       Sacred Geometrix is our offering to the Universe.  With love and gratitude we embody the Tri-force or the three disciplines of the active mind:  Study – Work – Play.  We encourage growth on all the aspects of the Human Condition; Mind – Soul – Body.  We describe ourselves as artists, builders, musicians, lovers, and conscious beings.  The Geometrix team is constantly striving for balance in what we do, how we interact with our environment and our relationships in the community.

       Building a foundation on the interconnectivity that composes the atomic lattices within us, we create original works of Sacred Geometry to illustrate the fundamental geometrical principals that are inherent in the fabric of Space and time itself.  Empowered by the universal coherency that charges the spin that allows us to exist, Geometrix has set its intentions to spread awareness in the following diverse and yet inseparable studies of: Cosmology, Unified Field Physics, The Holographic Paradigm, Authentic Crop Circle formations, Pyramid Power, Sacred Geometry, and The Holo-fractographic Universe Theory.

       All of our products are handmade works of art, that we infuse with ancient symbology guiding us to an interconnected view of reality.  This view empowers us as creators to develop increasingly meaningful products, thoroughly thought out with the utmost intention and care. Our goal is to instruct how we can avoid or at the least, reduce the amount of severe problems that presently afflict our ecologically destructive industrial paradigm.  Our philosophy is simple.  To continuously view the big picture, even as we sharply focus, using conscious thought in our everyday personal and business practices to inspire a better world.  Because that’s just… Who We Are.


– Meet the Team –


Roy Busch

Title: Owner and Lead designer, Geo Captain,

      When not diving into Deviantart or Cghub for countless hours, Roy spends his time researching new materials to sew into eco-futuristic, Gundam warrior, cyber-punk, sci-fi geometric clothing.  He likes going on adventures and being a part time ninja.  Committed to the festive life on the road, he’s the ring leader of the team, always pushing the envelope of excitement and enthusiasm for whats next to come.  He enjoys philosophizing on the nature of the Universe and the role consciousness has within it.  When his energy is complete and equilized after sunset, you can find him sketching at his drafting tables scheming on the next move…


Breanna Siegrist

Title: Lead Designer, Creative Goddess

      Every bit as gorgeous as she is talented, Bree is a psychedelic gem!  Well versed in the arts, she is motivated by eco-solutions and being a conscious being, striving for understanding and communion in the spiritual realms of mysticism.  Bree is a creative powerhouse all in her own right, a true inspiration to be around and work with.  Owner of Crystal Grenade Clothing she aspires to be a better designer, using sustainable materials, and making eco-consious decisions in her designing process.  If she’s not dancing her butt off to the sunrise set, catch her holding tea space, reading tarot, or just being an all-round badass artist.

Ben Blair

Title: Sales Rep, General Manager, & Designer

       Ben has a positive outlook that is unshakable!  Hard to not smile next to this man.  Ben has an active soul that is constantly pushing (literally).  When he’s not shredding snow on his board or pavement on his skate, he scheming on how Geometrix can build better active wear to suit up adventure seekers. Developing his own art through his creation of Positive Portals to connect and share, Ben is a powerful example of what the beauty of sacred geometry in motion should look and feel like.